The Picture of Daria Gray

Mystery/Drama | 90 minutes | 2020 | 4K | 5.1 | United States Of America

Cast & Credits

Christopher Showerman (Enter The Fire / George of the Jungle 2)
Other cast: To Be Announced Soon

Written, Produced, Edited and Directed by Phil Gorn
Producer: Kirk Zeller
Director of Photography: Gary Rohan


Based on "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde.

In this modern-day adaptation, DARIA GRAY is a beautiful, aspiring actress. She meets August, an artist who paints her portrait. The years pass but Daria doesn’t seem to age as she claws her way to the top of Hollywood. Then she notices something that will forever alter her life: The portrait is changing. It reveals an aging Daria. Now this timeless beauty locks away the portrait as she attempts to continue her career.

A Wonderphil Entertainment/Silicon Prairie Center Production.

Estimated Completion Date: September 2020.