The Musician

Drama | 94 minutes | 2017 | HD | United States of America

Cast & Credits

Ian Lauer (Enter The Fire)
Hailey Michelle Gorman
Orion Solarion
Katie Blackburn
Rose Hughes

Written & Directed by Richard Allen
Producers: Taran Gray & Joshua Schnose
Director of Photography: Joshua Schnose


David Wilde is a 26-year-old renowned violist. Obsessed with his career and music, he has ignored family and friends. Disaster strikes when David suffers a stroke that leaves him handicapped in the worst way imaginable: he loses his ability to play and hear his music.

David moves in with his mother at her ranch in California, a place for both horses and people to be rescued and healed. Then David is introduced to the sport of MMA Fighting. Music. David discovers that when he’s fighting he can hear and compose his music again. Now he must make a choice between his new found relationship with his family or his old obsession with music and career.