The Adventures of Paul and Marian

Romantic Comedy Musical | 93 minutes | 2014 | HD | United States of America

Cast & Credits

Paul Herbig (introducing)
Marian Brock (Academy Award winning short God of Love)

Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Jay Stern
Director of Photography: Alan McIntyre Smith
Production Design: Sarah Edkins
Music by Zach Abramson


Can a poor boy sell-out & a rich girl start a revolution but still find love?

Penniless, Paul elopes with Marian, the captain of industry's spoiled daughter. Paul quickly realizes he can't support Marian’s opulent lifestyle, so he heads out into the world to make his fortune.

Awaiting Paul’s return, Marian reads a book and becomes fueled with revolutionary fervor. Determined to change the world for the better, she leaves to fight in the jungles.

Meanwhile, Marian's father sends two goons to hunt for his daughter. In the Big City, Paul discovers a hidden business acumen and a taste for the rat race. Marian has found her calling of violent revolution.

When Paul and Marian meet again, it will be in the company of corporate henchman, mad bombers and plenty of singing and dancing. How can their love survive?