Sacred Blood

Horror | 93' | 2015 | Red 4K | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

Mill Valley Film Festival (October 2015)

Cast & Credits

Bailey Coppola (Palo Alto / The Bling Ring)
Anna Biani (Freaky Deaky)
Bai Ling (The Crow / Anna and the King)
Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight)
Rob Nilsson (Northern Lights)
Kato Kaelin (BASEketball)

Directed by Christopher Coppola (Deadfall)
Screenplay by Alain Silver (White Nights)
Editor: Marian Wallace (The Godfather: Part III)


From The Vine To The Vein.

After being bitten by a vampire, NATIA leaves her native country of Georgia and arrives in San Francisco. Natia tries to understand what is happening to her as she is confronted with a violent darkness rooting within her. Fighting against her loneliness and the rules of this new world, she is befriended by a troubled young artist with an innocent soul. Will this tenuous love lead her out of trouble or will they both be pulled into the darkness?

Director’s note: “I am telling a different type of vampire story, a more serious, kind of a Leaving Las Vegas vampire flick.”