Parker’s Anchor

Romantic Drama | 110 minutes | 2017 | 4K | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

WINNER: Audience Award at Bentonville Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Jennica Schwartzman (Ridge Runners)
Amy Argyle (Gone / Frank & Lola)
Christopher Marquette (Barry / Just Friends)
Penny Johnson Jerald (24 / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
Ryan Schwartzman (Gordon Family Tree)
Michael Beach (Aquaman)

Directed by Marc Hampson
Producers: Jennica & Ryan Schwartzman, Aaron Fairley & Elizabeth Barnes (3x Emmy Nominee)
Screenplay: Ryan & Jennica Schwartzman


When Krystal Parker discovers her life isn’t following her plan, she learns to let go and begin again.

After her husband leaves her because she’s unable to have children, Krystal Parker finds peace in reuniting with her childhood best friend. She builds strength in stepping out into the world and with the support of a small-town community, she finds love when she opens herself to new possibilities.


“A must-watch. It is not just a good watch that is meant to increase your napkin consumption, and eventually lighten your mood with a satisfying end. It is raw, true, and minimal.” --

“The film offers hope and some guidance to folks struggling with infertility and heartbreak – don’t let it stop you from living your life, and don’t let it keep you isolated. Have hope, because you can play a part in guiding your life, even if it has gone through seasons you wouldn’t have chosen.” -- Adoption at the Movies

“…an involving, entertaining, and pleasantly feelgood.” -- HK and Cult Film News