Mexican Mafia Assassin

Crime Drama | 90 minutes | 2018 | 4K | United States of America

Cast & Credits

Vince Romo (Pocket Listing)
Brian Johnson (Ranchero)
Jacquelin Arroyo (Independents’ Day)

Written By: Ramon Mendoza
Directed By: Pete Bollinger
Producers: Pete Bollinger & Miles Ornelas
Director of Photography: Miles Ornelas
Editors: Aya Moudden & Chris Bollinger
Music: Julian Pastorelli


From Altar Boy To Hitman.

Set in the 1960’s and based on a true story, Ramon “Mundo” Mendoza is an aimless young Chicano pushed to the streets by an alcoholic father and finds family in a Los Angeles gang. Mundo moves up in the ranks until he’s arrested and sent to San Quentin, one of the most vicious prisons in the country. He joins the historic prison gang: the Mexican Mafia, La Eme. Then, released from prison, “Machine Gun Mundo” returns to his Los Angeles gang, becomes second-in-command and works as an enforcer. Also, for the first time in his life, he falls in love and marries a sweet, religious woman. This begins his journey from heartless criminal to seeking redemption in the unlikeliest of places.

​Note: The Ramon “Mundo” Mendoza character was played by Edward James Olmos in the 1992 movie, “American Me”.