Miracle in Kasama

Non-USA, Drama | 80' | 2018 | HD | Japan

Festivals & Awards

Action On Film Festival 2018:
Winner: Best Feature Drama
Winner: Outstanding Cast Performance
Nominated: Best Foreign Film
Nominated: Best Director
Nominated: Best Score
Nominated: Best Cinematography

Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival 2018:
Winner: Best Foreign Film
Winner: Best Score
Nominated: Best Picture
Nominated: Best Soundtrack
Nominated: Best Sound Design

Cast & Credits

Mau Nishio Yuuhi (Boys and Men) Akiko Kurano Takumi Tsuchida (Boys and Men) Hiroyuki Watanabe (In Full Bloom)

Directed by Hisashi Ueda Executive Producer: Yuko Nishio Producers: Hayato Mitsuishi & Manabu Fujii


“You see, chestnuts are covered in a thorny, hard shell. So are we."

“Miracle in Kasama” revolves around Yuka Shibuya, a struggling actress in Tokyo who goes to the rural town of Kasama every autumn to help out the Kinoshita family with their chestnut harvesting. But this year is different. Grandpa Kinoshita has passed away in the spring and Hatsue now lives by herself. On top of that, Daiki Mishima, a mysterious young man who has been badly beaten up, appears out of nowhere in the chestnut field. Despite Yuka’s objections, Hatsue brings him into her home to help out. As the chestnut harvest progresses, the three start to form a special bond.