Last Rights: The Series

Series | 2 x 90’ | 2013 | HD | United States of America

Cast & Credits

Jet Jurgensmeyer (Woodlawn / Devil’s Knot / The Little Rascals Save The Day / Further Adventures in Babysitting)
Hollywood Yates (American Gladiator)

Written & Directed by Jason Dallas (A Belle For Christmas)
Executive Producers: Scott Jurgensmeyer (Devil’s Knot) & Babs Simmons (A Belle For Christmas)
Editor: Dave Edison (Remember the Sultana)


Tempted to take a bite of the apple?

Last Rights is a supernatural drama about a group of people who answer an ad and accept a deal from a boy named Concord – a deal that will allow them access to Nirvana where all worldly troubles disappear. In exchange, each person must give Concord all of their possessions and stay in a house for one week in which four Caretakers will test them to see if they qualify for Nirvana or if they qualify for the graveyard.

In the next season, a portal opens in the house and out pours two demons that possess all of the guests. As a struggle for control of the house unfolds, the Caretakers ally themselves with Concord - but even Concord is no match for the two evils. A race begins to find the skeleton key that can unlock all of the powers of the house - but in order to find the key one must give up their Last Rights!