Musical Comedy | 93 minutes | 2018 | 4K

Cast & Credits

Jason Wang (Project E.1337: ALPHA)
Mikhail Tot (In Guns We Trust)
Rosy Hong (Escape Plan 3: Devil's Station)

Directed by Johnny Wu
Written by Carson Parish & Johnny Wu
Director of Photography: Peter Sampson
Composer: Aryavarta Kumar


What happens when a young man who has been bullied becomes a bully himself?

Innerself is a martial arts, musical, coming-of-age story.

Ed, a naïve young man who has been bullied his entire life, finally decides to do something about it. He studies martials arts, develops into an expert fighter and begins fighting everyone – from his bullies to his sensei. Kicked out of the school for fighting unnecessarily, Ed struggles to become a better man. Meanwhile, his new sensei is attempting to take over his former school and using Ed to do it.