Horror | 85 minutes | 2014 | HD | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

FANtastic Horror Film Festival (San Diego, November 2014)

Cast & Credits

Rachel Alig (Bikini Spring Break)
Zack Gold (Young Again)

Written & Directed by: Dean Whitney
Producers: Dean Whitney & Judy Whitney
Director of Photography: Jesse Aragon
Editor: Gilly Rudolf
Original Score: Steve Garbade
Visual FX Artist: Caleb Knueven


After installing a landline in their new digs, TYLER and CHELSEA begin to receive "unknown caller" phone calls from ELLEN, a seemingly unstable woman who insists that Tyler's her ex-boyfriend, ERIC. When the couple reports the persistent woman to the phone company, they learn the calls are coming from a ghostline, a line from which one can make phone calls without having a specific number. To alleviate the problem, the phone company issues a new phone number. But the calls continue.

While a police detective launches an investigation to identify Ellen, Tyler and Chelsea begin to experience strange phenomenon inside their house. Tension grows between the perfect couple as Chelsea believes in ghosts and Tyler does not. However, when the occurrences become even more bizarre, Tyler agrees to hire paranormal investigators.

A cold case involving the disappearance of a woman named Ellen is uncovered. Her ne'er-do-well boyfriend, Eric, a suspect in her disappearance, once had Tyler's original phone number.

Ignoring a warning to steer clear of the ever-dangerous Eric, the couple enacts a plan to prove to Ellen once and for all that Tyler's not the man she's after. In the end, however, the plan backfires and ultimately puts their lives in jeopardy with both the inhumane Eric and the inhuman Ellen.


“This is truly one of the best Supernatural/Horror films in my recent memory!”
- Tom H’s Blog of Horror