Free State

Drama | 100' | 2015 | 4K | South Africa

Cast & Credits

Nicola Breytenbach (The Blue Mauritius)
Andrew Govender (High Rollers)
Deon Lotz (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom / Shepherds and Butchers)
Leleti Khumalo (Hotel Rwanda / Invictus)

Written & Directed by Sallas de Jager
Producer: Terwadkar Rajiv


Loosely based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Free State is set in 1970’s South Africa. A time when it was against the law to have interracial relations.

JEANETTE is a beautiful, open-minded law student. She meets RAVI, a handsome, charming Indian man. Both are engaged to another. To the dismay of their family and friends, the star-crossed lovers continually find ways to be together. Free State movingly explores the family conflicts and racial hatreds that torment the lovers as they struggle to honorably resolve their plight.