Free Byrd

Dramedy | 89 minutes | 2021 | HD | United States Of America

Cast & Credits

Raymond Barry (Falling Down / Born on the Fourth of July)
Randy Nazarian (Nash Bridges / Baja)
Shondrella Avery (Napoleon Dynamite / End of Watch)

Written, Produced & Directed by Tony Vidal (Baja)
Editor: Robin Lee (Star Wars: Episodes V & VI / The English Patient) & Tony Urgo (The Crumbs)
Music: Dan Radlauer (Wanderlust)


JAY BUTLER (Randy Nazarian) is a lovable underachiever who works as a van driver at an assisted living community. HARRY BYRD (Raymond J. Barry) is being kicked out for general irascibility. Jay is assigned to drive Harry to a new home. Along the way, they have a variety of misadventures, including being picked up by a troupe of burlesque dancers and performing an impromptu comedy act. An entertaining and enlightening journey in which the older Harry gives middle-aged Jay perspective on life.


The good performances create an endearing and occasionally funny movie about never giving up on yourself.” – Red Carpet Crash

An enjoyable little flick that delivers a message that one should pay more attention to one’s parents.” – Afro Toronto