Eco-Teens Save The World!

Family, Comedy | 85 minutes | 2018 | HD | United States Of America

Cast & Credits

Corbin Bernsen (Emmy Nominee)
Shirley Jones (Oscar Winner)

Written & Directed by Jerry Casagrande
Producers: Dan DeLuca & Jerry Casagrande


When four quirky teens become friends at a Student Congress in Washington, D.C., they uncover a plot by an infamous senator and a freaky oilman to drill for oil at an eagle’s nesting ground. The new friends must find their confidence in themselves and each other in order to save the soaring eagles and, ultimately, the world.


“Full of laughs, drama, and physical comedy with a dash of social activism.” William Powell, Washington, D.C. Film Critic

“Brings out crucial and significant subjects with a sincere and earnest resolve that everyone can embrace and, in the meantime, simply enjoy sitting back, wholeheartedly laughing and purely entertained.” Kirk Fernwood,

“A great and very family friendly movie!” Mike Mason, GoodStuff Kids Podcast