Dead Sexy

Comedy | 85 minutes | 2018 | 4K | United States of America

Cast & Credits

Alexandra Johnston (American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story)
Jacqi Véne (Ghost in the Graveyard)
Greta Garland (Trauma One)
Travis Leonard (Lead singer Hobart Ocean)
Channon Rose (YouTube star)
Suzanne Stokes (Playboy Playmate)

Directed by: Brian Newell
Producers: Rex Riffel
Screenplay: Rex Riffel
Director of Photography: Nathan Tieman


A different kind of ghost story.

In this sexy comedy, three girls who just wanna have fun encounter a naughty paranormal force that makes them question the need for the opposite sex. Everything is going great until someone decides to give up the ghost and suddenly they realize just how difficult it can be to break up with a jealous, passionate paranormal.