Coming of Age

Drama | 85 minutes | 2001 | SD | United States of America

Festivals & Awards

Best of the Fest: Berkeley Film Festival
Selection: Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Selection: Xenix Film Festival – Zurich, Switzerland

Cast & Credits

Ron Guinto (Trail of Tears)
Marceia Fogg (Virtual Man)
Norman Gee (Nash Bridges)
Kevin Lasit (Nash Bridges / America’s Most Wanted)
Kaliopi Eleni (The Bold and The Beautiful)

Written, Produced, Edited and Directed by Phil Gorn (Branded)
Producers: Michael Pryfogle & Randi Acton (Female Fight Squad)
Music by Electric Chair


What happens when a gay-bashing youth
serves community time in an AIDS hospice

Coming of Age” explores the world of an AIDS hospice through the eyes of an intolerant youth.

Stevie is apprehended in a gay-bashing and sentenced to serve community time in an AIDS hospice. At first, Stevie is intent of doing as little as possible but he is soon confronted with the reality of AIDS.

Gradually, he befriends Will, a patient who becomes a mentor to him. Their friendship is put to the test as Will learns of the gay-bashing incident.

As Stevie begins to overcome his homophobia, the receptionist, Sonya, sees that there is a different side to him. Meanwhile, outside of the hospice, Stevie’s best friend doesn’t like the change that has come over his friend.


“Coming of Age confronts a difficult subject honestly. A great multi-racial cast and uplifting story make this a story for all ages.” -- Peter Dean, The Texas Triangle

“Coming of Age is a must-see film. The multi-racial cast and unique locales reflect a side of San Francisco not normally seen in movies. The serious subject matter of the AIDS disease is handled with both care and humor. I would recommend this movie to people of all ages and of all backgrounds.” -- Tom Ammiano, California State Assembly