The Hungry Ghosts

Drama | 105 minutes | 2009 | HD

Festivals & Awards

Nominated: Tiger Award, International Film Festival Rotterdam
Warsaw Film Festival
Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Steve Schirripa (Sopranos / Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas / The Irishman)
Aunjanue Ellis (Ray / Men of Honor / Notorious / The Taking of Pelham 123)
Nick Sandow (The Accidental Husband / Swimfan / Resurrecting the Champ)
Sharon Angela (Sopranos / Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai / Grand Theft Auto IV)
Paul Calderon (Pulp Fiction / One Life to Live / Bad Lieutenant)

Written & Directed by: Michael Imperioli (Goodfellas / Shark Tale)
Executive Producers: Joe Scarpinito (Christmas Story) & Joe Laurita
Co-Executive Producers: David Greenberg & Andrew Lund
Produced by: Diane Crespo, Stefan Schaefer (Polite People), Victoria Imperioli, Tina Thor & Howard Axel
Cinematographer: Dan Hersey (The Savages / Wet Hot American Summer)
Editor: Erin Greenwell (Mom / Arranged)
Production Design: Victoria Imperioli


Sex, Love, Drugs, God. What are you hungry for?

The Tibetans describe a type of hell in which souls with tiny mouths are afflicted with enormous, insatiable bellies. Enter Michael Imperioli’s New York, an urban landscape where inhabitants search futilely to satisfy their illusory physical wants and spiritual needs. These are “the hungry ghosts” we will travel with for 36 hours.

FRANK, a late-night radio host, gambles and uses drugs at the expense of his impressionable teenage son, MATTHEW who runs away after an argument.

GUS, a philosophical seeker fresh out of a 90-day detox program, begins searching for his ex-lover, NADIA, a young African-American woman who we see leaving a rooming house with all her worldly belongings in a duffel bag. Avoiding Gus, she seeks out an old friend in the City, and reveals the sexual fulfillment, danger and spiritual insights she experienced with her ex-lover.

As night descends, Frank is forced to concede to his ex-wife, SHARON, that their son Matthew is missing but Frank is too busy to look for him. These five New Yorkers - of different ages, races, backgrounds – with a hunger for sensual, emotional and spiritual fulfillment - will have their paths intersect and collide. Reflecting the zeitgeist of our times, the desperation of the West will smack up against the religious teachings of the East.


United States of America


“ impressive debut film that offers an uncompromising look at the complexities of life and the redemptive qualities we need to get through it...Steve Schirripa gives a remarkable performance.”
Jason Guerrasio, Filmmaker Magazine

“…[A] quintessential actor's behind-the-camera debut…shows that Imperioli has learned plenty from Scorsese and Ferrara… Among the leads, the bulky Schirippa in particular is immensely watchable.”
Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

“…There's no doubt [Imperioli] has a gift for language, and the performances are strong all around, especially Nick Sandow's splenetic alcoholic Gus.”, R. Emmet Sweeney

“…Comparable to Robert Altman's SHORT CUTS…Steve Schirripa plays a brilliant role that will surely go on to deserve recognition in the film world.”
Marta Sikorska, Stopklatka (Polish National Review)

“…in the tradition of John Cassavetes and many directing actors who came after him."
Mark Moorman, Het Parool (Dutch National Newspaper)