The Devil’s Gravestone

Horror | 92 minutes | 2010 | HD

Cast & Credits

Elle LaMont (Strings)
Joe Nemmers (The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans)
Niko Red Star (Killer School Girls from Outer Space)
Grant James (Tombstone / UHF)

Written, Directed, Shot & Chopped by: Jay Mackenzie Roach
Producers: Staci Lockhart, Andy Redmon & Jay Mackenzie Roach
Executive Producer: Joshua Winch
Music: Martin Dempsey & Cole Foster


From the Blood of This City, God’s Shadow Will Be Born.

Jaq Molton was a beaming mother and devoted wife until the day she came home to find her son savagely murdered by her husband. Her relentless quest for revenge thrusts her into the depraved underbelly of Roach City, teeming with fiendish vampires and an unscrupulous society. Through a bizarre and unraveling story, Jaq learns that her husband, a cruel and particularly feared vampire, is on a prophecy fulfilling mission that puts all the souls of humanity at risk.


United States of America