Romantic Comedy | 90 minutes | 8K | United States Of America

Cast & Credits

Mya Hudson (introducing)
Cooper Tomlinson (introducing)
Crystal Carson (Who’s That Girl)
Melanie Specht (Transformers: Age of Extinction)
DC Glenn (Whoomp! There It Is)

Written, Produced, Edited & Directed by Phil Gorn (Gibby / Ancestral World)
Producer: Kirk Zeller (The Picture of Daria Gray)
Director of Photography:Christopher Gosch (The Creatress)
Assistant Director/Casting Director/Wardrobe: Crystal Carson


Alone Together. How COVID-19 brought a Los Angeles apartment community together.

#MyCorona is a romantic comedy set during the onset of the corona virus as this seemingly remote disease begins to impact the area locally. The story revolves around isolated residents in a Los Angeles apartment building, all searching for something personally and, due to the stay-at-home order, forced to get to know and rely on each other.

With the sudden lack of Los Angeles traffic noise, two disconnected neighbors find they can now hear each other’s conversations through their shared wall. They are about to learn a lot about each other, themselves and their rather unusual neighbors.

Production note: The entire film was directed remotely using the videoconferencing technology. Camera feeds were relayed to the director, Phil Gorn, via a Google Meet connection while talking to the cast and crew via FaceTime.

From director Phil Gorn: “I directed from my office in San Francisco via FaceTime and the production was in Nebraska. I believe #MyCorona is the first feature film to be directed entirely remotely. I’ve never heard of any movie ever being directed remotely, let alone through any particular service like FaceTime. Without trying to sound too grandiose, I feel this is an important milestone in cinema. Not as big as the transition from silent to sound, black & white to color, celluloid to digital, but I hope everyone in the industry would want to know about this.”

In post-production. Estimated completion date: October 2020.