Free State

Drama | 100' | 2015 | 4K

Cast & Credits

Nicola Breytenbach (The Blue Mauritius)
Andrew Govender (High Rollers)
Deon Lotz (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom / Shepherds and Butchers)
Leleti Khumalo (Hotel Rwanda / Invictus)

Written & Directed by Sallas de Jager
Producer: Terwadkar Rajiv


Loosely based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Free State is set in 1970’s South Africa. A time when it was against the law to have interracial relations.

JEANETTE is a beautiful, open-minded law student. She meets RAVI, a handsome, charming Indian man. Both are engaged to another. To the dismay of their family and friends, the star-crossed lovers continually find ways to be together. Free State movingly explores the family conflicts and racial hatreds that torment the lovers as they struggle to honorably resolve their plight.


South Africa